What’s Stopping You From Expanding Your Online Marketing?

In  a recent Small Business Trends post on how social media helps small businesses work smarter, Lisa Barone says the main reason small business owners say they don’t use social media is “a lack of time”.  She interprets that to mean small business owners are “wearing multiple hats, juggling responsibilities and working long hours.”

I wouldn’t argue that most small business owners work almost all the time and are masters of multi-tasking but I think there is more behind the phrase “a lack of time” than just trying to fit time another marketing channel into their day-to-day operations.  What’s one more ball to a master juggler?

Instead, I think that the hesitation is brought on by an overwhelming perception that they don’t have the time to learn why and understand how to use social media (and internet marketing in general) effectively for their business.

The “why” is easy.  More than a billion people worldwide use FaceBook and according to a number of sources including ConStat report that 97% of internet users in the United States researched a local product or service in 2010.

But what about the “how”?  Are you holding back because you don’t know how?  Do you feel like you’d need to spend an entire week just figuring out how to post effectively on FaceBook or create more content for your website?  What’s preventing you from connecting with your customers?


What Do You Think?

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