Improving Your Search Engine Ranking: Attributes of a Good Link Profile

A link profile is the cumulative list of inbound links from websites across the internet to your site.  The more inbound links you have, the higher the potential your site will rank well in search engine results.  By regularly and consistently dedicating a few hours a week to building your link profile, you will eventually see significant results.  So carve out thirty minutes a day and get started!

Website LinksThe key here is “eventually”.  Building a quality link profile that impacts your ranking takes months of consi

stent (but not overwhelming) effort.  But the increase in traffic you can generate with this search engine optimization (SEO) tactic will produce results if you are consistent.

The best link profiles include a diverse, but relevant group of inbound links from unique domains.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when developing your link building profile:

  1. Make link building a part of your website content and marketing strategies.  Each time you develop content for your website or plan a marketing initiative for your business, plan for how you will get the word out on the internet and syndicate your content.  Use the tips that follow to create tasks that will promote your new release.  Including this step in your current planning process will make you a link profile building machine before you even realize it.
  2. Pace your efforts.  Ha!  This is likely one of the first times you’re not hearing “hurry up, get online!!”  A well-developed link profile is build slowly, over time.  A steady pace, really does win the race here.
  3. Include a good mix of link source types.  Source types include (but are not limited to) blogs, articles, directories, social media sites, communities, news sites forums and directions.  Having stressed the important of diversity, I realize that it is sometimes hard to know where to begin.  As a general rule, SEO experts agree that your best places to begin developing a stronger link profile are external blogs and article posts.   The next two tips get more specific about this.
  4. Offer to Write a Guest Blog.  Start searching the internet for blogs that relate to your industry.  Go to Google Blogs and type in terms that are relevant to your product, service or industry as a start. Choose a few and follow them for a while.  Then, once you’re certain you’ve found a quality blog that is relevant to your business, contact the author and offer to write a blog post for them.  You’d be amazed at how many people will be glad to et yu contribute just because you asked.
  5. Write an Article and Distribute it Online.  You can find a list of free article submission sites to start with here. I recommend your articles include three or four inks to different pages in your site but some submission sites will limit the number of links you can include so you may need to rework your original draft.  Still, article writing is one of the best ways to begin to establish you and your business as leaders in your industry while at the same time building your link profile.
  6. Don’t Forget Directories. Directories can be especially important if you are trying to connect with customers in a specific geographic region or a unique niche market.  One to two hours spent each month submitting your pages to directory listings and confirming those listings is a sure way to get some early traction.
  7. Social Channels.  Until mid-2010, Google didn’t officially acknowledge that links on FaceBook and Twitter were being considered in their calculations for search rankings but SEO experts had suspected it for a long time.  If you’ve already got a FaceBook page or a Twitter account, start by committing to one link submission at least once a week per platform.  A note on your FaceBook page about your latest on-site blog article can generate a good number of links as your fans share it with their friends.

So now you know where to start, how to work link profile building into your marketing efforts and what you need to do to create a link profile for your business that will increase your search engine rankings and bring you more customers.

If you can’t make the time investment, consider asking Ahh! Interactive to help.  We offer link building packages for an annual fee (remember, this is a slow and steady process).  Interested?  Let’s Talk


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